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Improve energy efficiency with window films

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Improve energy efficiency with window films

Soaring energy costs, environmental legislation and social consciousness are driving changes in building management. You need to save energy. You want to cut costs. What are the options?

Switching to CFL lighting, improving insulation and upgrading air-conditioning to more efficient units are all sensible choices. Still, one-third of energy costs typically come from cooling. And 80% of heat buildup comes from solar radiation mercilessly penetrating the window glazing.

By controlling solar heat gain through windows, solar control window films reduce the cooling load and thus effectively help buildings consume less energy. Their ability to filter sunlight and reject heat, glare and harmful UV radiation enable window films to neutralize hotspots and keep interior temperatures more stable. This means that the cooling system works less, peak demand is lowered, and air-conditioning operates more efficiently — and inexpensively. Direct savings from lower energy bills are just one advantage. Less frequent usage of HVAC equipment prolongs their service life and reduces their required capacity, providing even further savings.

Studies comparing bare windows with those treated with solar control window film show a difference of 5.2° C in room temperature when no air conditioning is used. And field tests prove that when A/C is needed, rooms with solar control film take up to 34% less cooling time to reach their optimal temperature.

In fact, depending on climate, glazing and electricity costs, the payback time for window films is usually under three years – half the time it takes for an HVAC upgrade to pay for itself, and 12 years less than a window upgrade.

Window film can be installed with little or no disruption, allowing tenants to continue using the facility on a regular basis. And if interior access to the window is impossible or prohibited, installation of window film from the building's exterior is always an effective option. From an economic standpoint – as well as from the consideration of convenience and comfort - window film is a smart and sensible option.


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