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Increase safety and security

Property management often extends well beyond the building's maintenance and costs. You may be accountable for residents, short- or long-term tenants, guests and equipment, as well as the overall safety and welfare of the building's occupants.

Safety window film offers a cost-effective solution to protection from shattered glass. As opposed to regular solar control window film, safety window film is created using special adhesives that cause a highly resilient bond to form between the film and glass. In the event of breakage, rather than shattering and dispersing throughout the room, dangerous shards adhere to the film, holding glass in place and preventing harm from anyone in the vicinity.

An assessment of the various potential threats and the probability of their occurrence can assist in deciding which level of protection your building needs. From the threats of impact, vandalism and break-in to that of a potential natural disaster, security films of different thicknesses can provide the right protection.

Safety window film may also provide an answer for older buildings with windows not made from tempered glass. Recent investigations have shown a grave danger from potential breakage associated with older glass, and when replacing the windows is either financially untenable or undesirable as it would change the exterior look of the building, safety window film may be the best solution.

One example of an ideal anti-fragmentation window film with solar properties is Hanita's SolarZone Safe, an energy-saving solar control film that helps protect from the dangers of shattered glass. The film's firm adherence to broken glass minimizes dispersal of fragments and splinters, protects property, limits injury, and ultimately saves lives. Like other solar control window films, SolarZone Safe goes beyond passive glazing protection. By providing solar control properties that reduce unwelcome heat buildup and contribute to energy efficiency, this film actually pays for itself in just a few years, through lower HVAC costs.

So, while you're enhancing the energy efficiency of your property, you're also making a commitment to delivering the protection people deserve by creating a safe environment.


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