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VIP Laminates for High Temperature Applications

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VIP Laminates for High Temperature Applications

Hanita Coatings, the leading manufacturers of ultra-high barrier laminates for Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP), recently published a research paper discussing the performance of VIP laminates under high temperature conditions, focusing on gas permeation measurement at high temperatures.

The paper discusses the problems involved in using Vacuum Insulation Panels in the new high temperature applications developing in industry or automation, where VIPs could offer a highly effective and space saving solution, if their heat and moisture resistance can be improved. The full report on the durability of VIP laminates under high temperatures is available for download from

VIPs use laminated plastic films, some of which are relatively temperature sensitive; an LDPE sealing layer, for example, has a melting temperature of ~110°C. Higher surrounding temperatures also increase permeation rates through the laminates, often compromising the lifetime of the VIP. With emerging opportunities for vacuum panel insulation in industrial, automotive, construction and machinery applications, the demand for long-term durability of VIPs at temperatures over 100°C is growing.
Hanita Coatings has developed a line of laminates using high heat and moisture resistant adhesive, consisting of metallized EVOH and metallized PET with sealing layers of HDPE. These premium laminates are able to withstand higher constant temperatures with significantly lower permeation rates through both the laminates and the seals.

VIP Press Release 2015-07

**The permeability results in the graph above are based on steady state measurements performed over 2 months; the effect of humidity has been disregarded due to the use of desiccant.

Hanita's high temperature resistant laminates are opening up a new world for VIPs, with car engines, water heaters, military and even aerospace applications now becoming realistic - though challenging – future markets.
A full report on the durability of VIP laminates under high temperatures is available for download from

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