Energy Efficiency


SolarZone Safe Films

SolarZone Safe Films

SolarZone Safe Films

Energy efficiency and glass protection

Building codes and insurance policies often demand glazing that meets certain safety standards such as impact-resistant glass in schools to break-in or blast protection for retail locations.

Hanita Coatings’ SafetyZone clear security window films are market leaders, delivering security solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.

SolarZone Safe films combine the shard protection of SafetyZone security films with high levels of energy efficiency for a significant return on investment. So, go beyond passive glazing protection. Install Hanita’s security laminates with their outstanding solar control properties and contribute to energy efficiency by reducing unwelcome heat buildup.


Previously Cold Steel

Advanced Ceramic Technology

PerLite ceramic based, neutral gray security films combine relatively low reflectance with excellent solar energy rejection - cutting heat gain and glare, saving on HVAC costs while providing protection from shattered glass.

Available in 6 mil 35% and 50% VLT and in 10 mil 35% and 50% VLT.

OptiTune Safe

Dual Reflective OptiTune Safe films combine a warm neutral interior with a bold external appearance to deliver high levels of energy efficiency and shard protection.

Available in 5 mil 22% VLT* and in 10 mil 30% VLT.
*Accredited to ANSI Z97.1-2009, CPSC 16 CFR 201

Silver Safe

Silver Safe Reflective films combine the reinforced protection of security laminates with superb heat rejection, UV block, and sophisticated appearance. A full range of film thicknesses provides the appropriate solution for different security threats.


Available in 4 mil 20% VLT**, 5 mil 20% VLT Xtra (exterior), 9 mil 20% VLT, and 12 mil 20% VLT.
**Accredited to European Standard BS EN 12600 level 2B2

8 mil e-Lite 70

Spectrally selective 8 mil film, with exceptional levels of heat rejection and a near-glass transparency, combines energy-efficiency with enhanced security - without altering the building's façade.

SolarZone Safe films provide —

  • Increased protection from glass shattered by impact, blast, crime or natural disaster
  • Excellent solar heat and glare rejection for enhanced comfort
  • High levels of energy efficiency for reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • 99% UV block to cut fading and sun damage

Film Specifications

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