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Space saving and energy efficient

VIP constructionThe building sector represents around 40% of developed nations’ total energy use.  Reducing energy consumption in this sector is a global priority, legislated and regulated by governments and driven by regional directives and local initiatives.

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) present an exceptionally efficient, space-saving solution for building insulation.  Insulating up to 8 times better than bulky conventional insulation materials, VIPs suit retrofit building upgrades and are the basis for energy-efficient building design.

Why VIPs?

A comparison of insulating material thickness shows how space saving and energy efficient VIPs are:

VIPs used in construction need to be tough enough to last over 60 years and stand up to building remodels, weather, and much more.  How do they last? By pairing the highest quality, most efficient microporous core materials with the industry’s most effective metallized barrier films as the VIP envelope.

Hanita’s metallized barrier laminates’ three main properties help them stand up to the test of time.

  • Exceptional air and water vapor barrier slow down to minimum the increase in thermal conductivity by limiting permeation along the service life of the VIPs
  • Robust mechanical strength resists mechanical stress and strain to prevent gas leakage and to preserve the barrier during installation and throughout the lifetime of the panel.
  • Low effective thermal conductivity ensures a minimal thermal bridge to preserve overall low total thermal conductivity.

In addition, Hanita’s VIP laminates feature high heat- and moisture-resistant properties and extra strong protective layers or flame retardant options suitable for different locations or climates.


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