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SolarZone … the First Name in Comfort and Energy Efficiency

There’s no question that large windows let in the light, open the view, and bring the outdoors inside. But they also bring in glaring sunlight, cause uncomfortable heat buildup, and may cause furnishings and precious artwork to fade or peel. And that’s even before increased energy costs and the cost to the environment – and your pocket.

SolarZone window films from Hanita present the ideal solution. Professionally applied to the exterior of windows and skylights, SolarZone window films —

  • reduce the heat from the sun, reducing indoor temperature imbalances and heat buildup
  • filter the sun's rays and reduce or eliminate glare
  • filter harmful UV radiation
  • preserve the transparency of the glass

SolarZone films create a more pleasant, cooler environment. They improve the energy efficiency of your air-conditioning system by reducing the peak time and overall use.

Lean and Green

Reducing energy consumption and energy demand lowers the overall carbon footprint of your home. You can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reduce your energy bills. With SolarZone window films, typical energy savings of more than 10% in energy consumption occur in a payback period of about three years.* Your savings continue to accumulate for years — throughout the life of the film. And as energy costs keep spiraling upward, your savings continue to grow.    

* Depending on glazing type, film choice, climate, and electricity rates.

No Air-Conditioning? You Can Still Save.

If you don’t have air-conditioning, or limit its use, SolarZone window films become even more important. Our high-performance window films can lower summertime interior temperatures about 5 ºC. If this replaces the purchase (or upgrade) of air-conditioning, then you’re well on your way toward energy efficiency and a much lower carbon footprint.

SolarZone Safe: Where Strength and Protection Meet Energy Efficiency

Large expanses of glass may pose a serious threat to the safety of your home and household. No matter the reason — accidental impact, natural disaster, or criminal activity — glass shards pose a deadly threat.

Hanita’s SolarZone Safe window films help hold shattered glass together and prevent glass fragments from dispersing to protect life and property.

SolarZone Safe security films combine the protective strength of Hanita’s SafetyZone security laminates with the remarkable heat rejection and anti-glare properties of SolarZone energy-efficiency films.  So, while you take care of your energy bills and the environment, you’re protecting what matters most.

Everyone Wins with Incentives

Your utility company or local government may offer rebates and tax incentives for taking energy-efficiency measures such as installing SolarZone window films. Contact your local SolarZone representative to learn more.


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