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SolarZone Window Films

Cut energy bills by up to 30%

When applied to existing glass, SolarZone solar control window films upgrade energy performance and enhance the building's long-term sustainability. In cooperation with leading window film professionals, and partnering with international energy-efficiency providers, Hanita Coatings has developed a turnkey solution to upgrading commercial glazing - the SolarZone ee Program.

SolarZone Window Film


Avery Dennison values its relationships with its dealers in connection with its SOLARZONE® products. It has come to our attention that some of our dealers are advertising the SOLARZONE® product in connection with window film directed at homeowners and commercial residential properties comprised of three (3) stories or less (low-rise residential construction). This use is outside of the scope of the intended use of Avery Dennison’s SOLARZONE® products. The SOLARZONE® product line is only intended for use in commercial settings other than low-rise residential construction.

Given the intended use of the SOLARZONE® product, we request that anyone distributing or offering Avery Dennison’s SOLARZONE® product for sale refrain from advertising, marketing, promoting, or otherwise indicating that Avery Dennison’s SOLARZONE® product is intended or developed for use in windows on residential properties.

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