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Spectrally Selective Films

Spectrally Selective Films

Spectrally Selective Films

See the light, feel the difference

The SolarZone range of Spectrally Selective window films effectively reduce solar heat gain while retaining high levels of daylight and preserving the natural appearance of the glass. Spectrally Selective films present the energy-saving choice that compromise neither façade nor view. e-Lite e-Lite films selectively filter solar radiation, allowing high levels of natural light while effectively blocking heat and UV radiation. Developed using a sophisticated combination of layered optical filters combined with nano-particle technology, e-Lite films have such low reflectance and neutral coloring that they’re barely visible on the pane, yet still deliver the outstanding heat rejection of a high-performance film.

e-Lite Xtra

Hanita’s new premium e-Lite Xtra exterior films in 45% and 70% light transmission provide the highest levels of energy saving performance in their category, and are cost-effectively competitive with the most prestigious films on the market.

Hanita’s e-Lite Xtra exterior window films deliver a universal solution to installation on modern glazing units, enhancing the efficiency of high performing, reflective, tinted, laminated, or Low E glass. e-Lite Xtra provides an effective yet discrete energy saving solution that preserves the architectural integrity of high-end commercial projects.

e-Lite Xtra exterior films are available in 45% and 70% VLT, with PS adhesive.


e-Lite interior films curb the heat, without noticeably affecting the appearance of the glass. e-Lite 70 and 45 ensure high levels of visible light combined with effective heat and UV rejection, combatting heat build-up and increasing comfort while maintaining a natural look. This makes e-Lite the ideal choice for enhancing the summertime comfort and energy efficiency of historical or graded buildings or strictly designed commercial projects; e-Lite will also improve the fade protection of valuable contents while helping preserve the original appearance of the building.

e-Lite 70 is also offered as an 8 mil security laminate to upgrade the safety of the glass. e-Lite interior films are available in a mid VLT 45% and light 70% VLT with either PS or WA adhesive.

OptiLite 75 Xtra

OptiLite's subtle blue tint filters 88% of heat-building IR radiation to keep the building cooler without blocking welcome daylight. Available in 75% VLT with PS adhesive for external installation.

SolarZone Spectrally Selective films provide -

  • High visible light transmission is barely discernible on glass; yields high levels of natural daylight
  • High heat rejection enhances comfort and reduces cooling costs Low reflectivity preserves views night and day
  • <99% UV block cuts fading and sun damage
  • Exterior installation films can upgrade efficiency of almost any glass unit
  • Natural appearance maintains building’s original façade

Film Transmitted Reflected
UV Rejected Shading Coefficient Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Total Solar Energy Rejected
Spectrally Selective
e-Lite 45 44% 12% 17% 99% 0.47 0.41 59%
e-Lite 45 Xtra (exterior) 47% 12% 17% 99.9% 0.45 0.39 61%
e-Lite 70 66% 15% 16% 99% 0.55 0.48 52%
e-Lite 70 Xtra (exterior) 67% 17% 18% 99.9% 0.54 0.47 53%
OptiLite 75 Xtra 76% 9% 9% 99% 0.62 0.54 46%

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