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Copper Substrates

Conductive Substrates

The proprietary technologies developed by Hanita Coatings are employed in producing two types of exceptional copper films for use in flexible and standard electronics:

Copper Skin

Aluminum-based copper surfaced conductive films are an innovative alternative to copper foil.

Hanita Coatings offers a highly conductive aluminum foil laminate, with a proprietary (patent pending) Copper Skin exterior coating for outstanding electrical connectivity. The film -

  • provides a low-cost alternative to the copper foil traditionally used in flexible electronics
  • delivers the economic benefits of aluminum foil, and
  • provides the trouble-free electrical connectivity of pure copper substrates

The fine copper surface of the foil is compatible with all soldering processes such as reflow SMT or conductive adhesives while its high resistance to corrosion eliminates the need for an additional protective layer (OSP).

Hanita’s Copper Skin foil is available laminated to a variety of films used in the electronics industry:

  • PI (Kapton®) - used for exposure to temperatures up to ~300 °C 
  • PEN, similar to PET but with temperature resistance up to ~200 °C 
  • PET, the economical substrate suitable for temperatures up to ~150 °C

Common applications include copper tape production, LED lighting, back contact for OLED, back electrodes for PV modules or single-layer PCB/FPC. In each application, replacing copper foil with Copper Skin may contribute up to a 50% saving in raw material costs.

Pure copper

Hanita’s proprietary system for manufacturing pure copper metallized film uses state-of-the-art roll-to-roll processes to apply thin layers of copper (10-300 nm) on various flexible films (PEN, PI, or PET). Due to the exceptional level of metal adhesion and flexibility, these highly conductive substrates can replace expensive silver ink or aluminum in applications where electrical connectivity is required.

Hanita’s pure copper films are used in the production of wearable electronics, sensors and highly reliable RFID antennas.

Copper Substrates

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