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Heat Radiation Protection

Heat Radiation Protection

Hanita's industrial film offerings includes a range of films providing protection against thermal and infrared radiation. These films excel in low levels of emissivity, durability and corrosion resistance, and are used either as transfer metallization for protective clothing, or laminated to spun nonwoven fabric for window blinds or to membranes for thermal clothing.

Heat radiation protection film advantages

  • Outstanding metal adhesion for durability and processability
  • High-clarity low-E coating for optimal reflectance and resistance to corrosion and discoloration
  • Optional transfer adhesive for ease of processing 
  • Wide range of substrates available for tailored solutions 
  • Low minimum quantities

Hanita brings decades of experience in the metallization and lamination of a range of polymeric films and nonwoven membranes, making it the ideal partner for custom product development. We invite you to contact Hanita's responsive and resourceful This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. team to discuss innovative, tailored insulation solutions to meet your needs.

Transfer metallization for protective clothing

Protection through reflection

Hanita Coatings delivers filmic solutions to meet the challenges of protective heat insulation and heat resistance. All around the world, Hanita's sophisticated metallized films can be found protecting fire fighters, workers in dangerous environments (refineries, metal works) or shielding temperature-sensitive engines and equipment.

Optimal insulation from thermal and IR radiation is achieved through highly controlled levels of aluminum deposited on one or both surfaces of the polyester film. A protective, extremely clear lacquer coating covers the metal to enhance durability and maintain low levels of emissivity.

Hanita’s customers laminate these thin, flexible and extremely reflective films to high-performance substrates such as Kevlar® or fiberglass that are then further processed into fire-proximity clothing, protective gear or high-temperature cladding for pipes and engines.

Laminates for window blinds

Enhancing energy efficiency

Hanita Coatings offers a range of laminates to meet the needs of the specialized window blinds market. These metallized films when laminated to spun bond nonwoven fabric can deliver combinations of -

  • black-out opacity
  • low-emissivity heat insulation
  • reduced solar heat buildup, and enhanced flame retardancy

All films are highly flexible and robust to facilitate optimal process handling. Other window treatment solutions from Hanita include window films and solar control laminates for pull-down roller translucent shades.

Aluminum membrane laminates for thermal clothing

Preserving heat through reflective insulation

Hanita has developed innovative processes for laminating metallized films to nonwoven membranes, often used in the manufacture of thermal sports outdoor clothing. The aluminium layer reflects up to 75% of the heat radiated from the body to insulate the wearer and preserve body temperature.

Thanks to Hanita’s unique processing developments, the materials excel in heat insulation, ease of processing, and durability - and can even withstand repeated laundering.

Heat Radiation Protection

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