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Surface Protection

Surfacing & protective films upgrade appearance & functionality

PET surfacing films from Hanita Coatings have a heat-activated adhesive for metal coil, plastic, melamine laminates or fabric, making them ideal for enhancing, protecting and transforming our customers’ products.

Surfacing and protective films are available optimized and engineered for lamination to PVC, ABS, HIPS, PC, PMMA, fabrics, melamine and metal coils. Check out the new range of functional surfacing films for CPL processing.

Hanita’s proprietary dry adhesives are smooth and resistant to plasticizer migration, and can be colored for easy identification. All metallized films feature exceptional metal adhesion for improved stress resistance, durability and formability for ease of processing and product longevity. A PVC-free construction makes Hanita's surfacing films a product that complies with today’s eco-trends and regulations.

Hanita offers a wide selection of cost-effective robust, functional films, with a dozen options of brushed metallized - stainless steel - film appearances and a wide range of gloss, matte or color finishes from piano black to crystal clear.

Films available in widths from 25 - 2010 mm (1 - 82”).

Contact us now to discuss custom development of Hanita surfacing films to enhance the appearance and performance of your product.

For Appliances

Stainless steel, burnished copper, glossy white appliances

Available in glossy or brushed silver and gold, black or super clear appearances, surfacing films are the ideal solution for cost-effectively transforming appliances and white goods by adding gloss, reflectance, color and durability.
PET surfacing films can also integrate a hard coat for extra scuff resistance, a print primer for added versatility, or a dry erase coating for wipe-off cleanability.

For Cabinetry, Furniture and Flooring (CPL, HPL)

Avery Dennison Hanita’s new range of functional surfacing films for CPL processing upgrades both the performance and appearance of CPL laminates, cost-effectively and efficiently.

For Decorative and Mirror applications

PET films add a long-lasting finish to rigid or flexible substrates to create mirror, chrome, brushed, glossy or colored effects that are both decorative and functional.
Unique finishes such as a sparkling matte; a highly opaque, deep glossy black; or a clear scratch-resistant coating can transform the look, texture and functionality of plastic and metal to create a range of surface appearances and textures – all very cost effectively.


  • Transform appearance
  • Improve scuff resistance 
  • Add gloss and reflectance 
  • Enhance machinability: excellent metal adhesion for improved stress resistance 
  • Improve cleanability (optional dry erase coatings)
  • Increase solvent resistance
Surface Protection

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