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Security Solutions

Security label face films 

Hanita supplies security films to major PSA converters, protecting brands across the globe. From simple tamper evidence to sophisticated anti-counterfeit features, Hanita's security label face can be tailored to custom requirements. Hanita Coatings has developed a host of creative technologies to enhance the security of label face stock: overt OVD-type colorshift; singular optical taggants buried in a tamper-evident layer; or subtly watermarked surfaces, strengthening brand identification. Work with our R&D team to develop specific and unique engineered films, precisely targeting the product, budget and application needed.


Tamper Evident

Tamper-evident face stock

Tamper-evident labels reveal a “footprint” message when removed or tampered with. Usually, the word “VOID” appears on both label and substrate to clearly indicate that the label has been compromised. Typical applications include pharmaceuticals, electronics, or anti-pilfering protection for outer case seals.

Hanita’s printable tamper-evident face stock is available in countless combinations (of appearance, message or print compatibilities) ranging from a sparkling silver hologram to total transparency, and in a palette of film colors - black, green, blue, red, traditional silver, white, matte and clear.

Tamper evident facestock is available in 23, 36, and 50 micron top-coated polyester films, either with a covert (non-visible) or overt (visible) standard "VOID" text, or a custom message, image or logo for brand identity and promotion. Custom messaging with crisp, fine imaging is ideal for intricate logos or small labels. Hanita custom develops tamper-evident films with additional security features such as taggants or visible watermarks.

All tamper-evident films are all available with optional No-Tack™ dry peel protection to leave the label and the substrate smooth and non-sticky.

Technical Specifications

Brand ID - watermark

Using a proprietary process, Hanita imprints the coating with a customized logo or message, forming a "Watermark" design. This Watermark can help provide an additional security identification element to the label, either to distinguish standard labelstock, or to upgrade tamper evident security labels. 

Technical Specifications

High Security


Hanita offers a specialized range of print-optimized PET face films with UV, optical and forensic taggants protect against counterfeiting and to coordinate with a number of different security levels. These films can be combined with covert or overt tamper-evident features and visual watermark identification with custom development and constructions.

Technical Specifications

Indicative labels

Water ingress face stock

This printable PET face stock changes color when exposed to liquid, giving a clear indication of water intrusion. This stock makes an excellent solution for validity labels used in electronic equipment such as mobile phones, and is available in a range of colors and printable topcoatings (conventional, TT, laser).

Cut indicative face stock
This tamper indicative white matte film reacts to knife pressure, causing the coating to "bleed", staining the coated area of contact red.

Technical Specifications

Security Solutions

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